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Rayotec Reveals Groundbreaking New Electric Underfloor Heating Thermostat

Rayotec, a second-generation family-run business specialising in electric underfloor heating and solar repair and maintenance, proudly announces the launch of the Rayotec Coloursense Wi-Fi electric underfloor heating thermostat. Designed to improve usability and aesthetic charm, this sophisticated thermostat is poised to revolutionise the way homeowners control their heating systems.

The newest addition to Rayotec’s product line, this thermostat includes several features aimed at enhancing ease of use and operational efficiency. Its standout feature, an intuitive colour touch screen display, allows users to modify settings effortlessly, making controlling your home’s temperature as easy as sliding a dial. The LCD display not only ensures excellent visibility but also contributes to a clean and contemporary interface design. The Coloursense Wi-Fi thermostat is described by Rayotec as “the easiest thermostat to set up that we have ever supplied,” thanks to its straightforward onscreen menu which facilitates the quick setting of heating schedules.

Additionally, the thermostat is equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, which allow homeowners to manage their electric underfloor heating remotely through a smartphone app. This feature provides significant convenience and flexibility, enabling adjustments to heating settings from anywhere, thus ensuring lower energy bills and consistently comfortable environments.

The design of the thermostat is another key highlight, aligning with Rayotec’s dedication to both functional and visually appealing solutions. Contrary to other fully touch screen thermostats that might appear bulky and detract from interior aesthetics, the Coloursense boasts a slim, minimalist design that blends seamlessly into any décor, ideal for contemporary homes. Customer feedback has already noted how this new thermostat presents a more futuristic look compared to older models.

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“We are thrilled to introduce our new Coloursense electric underfloor heating thermostat to the market,” stated Reza Sabba, General Manager of Rayotec. “We’ve listened to our customers and learned that ease of use and having compact but attractive design were their top priorities. We believe that the new Rayotec Coloursense electric underfloor heating thermostat excels in both areas.”

The launch of this thermostat marks a significant step forward in smart, responsive home heating technologies. Now on sale, it offers customers an opportunity to upgrade their home heating systems to a new industry standard.

For further information about the new Rayotec electric underfloor heating thermostat, please visit https://www.rayotec.com/electric-underfloor-heating.

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