The Influence of UK Sports Stadiums on House Prices The Influence of UK Sports Stadiums on House Prices

The Influence of UK Sports Stadiums on House Prices

Have you ever wondered how the UK’s top stadiums in various different sports affect how expensive the surrounding houses are? Well, a study conducted by online estate agent Hatched has revealed the average house prices in relation to the postcodes of the top 20 stadiums for the UK’s most attended sports.

Football, golf, rugby union, rugby league, horseracing and cricket were the six sports selected for the study, and with an average house price of £419,446 it is golf that comes top of the list with horseracing just behind in second place with an average price of £362,000.

According to the results of the study, rugby league stadiums have the lowest average house prices in the surrounding area and it was also the only sport that was lower than the national average pricing at £163,508, which could be based on the fact that all of the biggest rugby league teams are based in north of England which is the opposite to the higher average prices of rugby union.

Although football and cricket were not in the top two highest for the average house prices, they do both boast the top two average house prices in terms of an individual sporting venue. Homes around Lord’s cricket ground in north west London average at a mammoth £1,467,562, whilst the homes around Chelsea FC’s stadium Stamford Bridge average at £1,232,001.

“Our research shows that it does appear to influence property prices, and in some surprising ways too” said Adam Day, the managing director at Hatched. “For example, you would presume a lot of people would be put off at the prospect upwards of 40,000 people descending on their neighbourhood every other Saturday but that doesn’t appear to be the case as larger stadiums equal higher prices.”

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