CSX NewStarters (From L R Heather Scollick, Steven Crosby, Kennedy Young) CSX NewStarters (From L R Heather Scollick, Steven Crosby, Kennedy Young)


A TRIO of new starters has joined leading carbon and biodiversity offsetting solutions provider CSX.

The appointments expand the firm’s capacity, helping deliver strategic growth in its role as providers of biodiversity net gain (BNG) and carbon offset units.

The company uses earth observation technologies and data analysis systems to collect and accurately analyse carbon storage and biodiversity data. This process has quickly become crucial for land developers and owners with the government’s introduction of BNG in February 2024.

This new approach requires any new development to have a positive impact, or ‘net gain’, on the land biodiversity of at least ten per cent. This ensures that wildlife habitats are left in a measurably better state than they were before.

Joining CSX’s expert team as BNG project officers are Kennedy Young and Heather Scollick, while Steven Crosby has been appointed a business development executive at the company’s North Yorkshire office.

Kennedy and Heather are tasked with helping landowners develop their BNG projects, overseeing them from start to finish as well as advising, finalising and communicating plans with local authorities.

Steven will be responsible for supporting developers, planning consultants and stakeholders in the construction sector to navigate the successful delivery of BNG on their projects. He will also secure any shortfall in units from the land managers who CSX has supported in the creation of off-site units for sale.

Previously Kennedy worked at ecology and design practice FPCR as a seasonal assistant ecologist and has studied animal science and welfare. Kennedy said: “CSX has an important mission which I am more than happy to be part of. BNG is a significant change for the sector and people are understandably wary about what is now expected of developments. It’s my job to make sure that the benefits of BNG are known, but also the processes are as simple and accessible as possible.

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Heather said: “CSX is leading in this field, so it’s an honour to be part of the team. It’s not just about progressing these important BNG projects, but also progressing the wider knowledge of the environment, species identification, trees and general habitats. It’s important that we utilise all resources at our disposal, especially technology, to tackle this problem head on.”

Steven, tasked with making sure key stakeholders are engaging in the BNG process and helping to relieve the pressure on them, said: “I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the role. Being able to talk to these different groups of people and assist them in something this significant is rewarding. It’s about having clarifying conversations about BNG – there’s a lot of information and it can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be.” 

Andy Howard, CSX’s co-founder and chief executive officer, said: “It’s a pleasure having Kennedy, Heather and Steven bolster our team across these two key departments.  

“At CSX we are focused on strategic growth and the awareness of what we can do and how we can help both landowners and developers. 

“We want to make sure we are at the forefront of the discussions around biodiversity net gain in the sector and we do that by having a dedicated team from varied backgrounds with a similar passion for the environment. I look forward to seeing the great work they accomplish with our projects and clients.” 

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