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Knightsbridge’s commercial downlights meet every need

Tailored to address every commercial need from office to factory, three new downlights offered by Knightsbridge – one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of wiring accessories and lighting – share key features such as plug and play connectors for easy installation and dimmable drivers as standard. The line-up consists of Kara, Sara and Seren, all of which deliver superior energy efficiency through advanced LED technology, with a rating of at least IP20.

The downlights offer versatile wattage and colour temperature options to meet varying lighting requirements and are compatible with EMKIT2L to provide emergency lighting options.  All have generous warranty periods extending up to five years.

Kara LED panels are round and recessed, employing edge-lit technology to distribute light evenly without glare or black spots. Available in power settings from 6W to 24W, the Kara has a slim profile that makes it easier to fit in shallow ceilings. The panels are high efficiency up to 135lm/w, offer the choice of dimmable or non-dimmable and have a three-year warranty.

Sara downlights merge a robust die-cast aluminium construction with functional flexibility, offering TRI-CCT and TRI-Wattage options that range from 15W to 40W. The series allows for precise lighting adjustments through its rotation and tilt capabilities, all under a five-year warranty.

Constructed from a robust die-cast aluminium body coated with a white powder finish, Seren downlights provide TRI CCT (3000K/ 4000K/ 5000K)  and TRI wattage options, which means the lighting can be adapted to different environments effortlessly.

There are nine wattage settings, across three different fittings, from 7W to 40W and high efficiency up to 175lm/w. Seren supports various control options including non-dimmable, 0-10V dimmable, and DALI interfaces, suitable for diverse lighting environments. These downlights meet IP40 when installed (IP20 from above) and backed by a five-year warranty.

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Knightsbridge’s expanded downlight range is specifically engineered to meet the evolving demands of the lighting industry, combining aesthetic versatility with technological innovation. Each series is designed to provide reliable, high-quality solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into various commercial settings.

For further details of the Knightsbridge innovative wiring accessories and lighting products, please visit www.mlaccessories.co.uk or call 01582 887760.

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