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Construction sector trade body welcomes Labour’s fresh impetus

BMF has key role to play in Labour’s drive to ‘Get Britain Building Again’

The BMF (Builders Merchants Federation) is calling for swift action from the new Labour government to ‘Get Britain Building Again.’

BMF CEO John Newcomb congratulated Sir Keir Starmer and the Labour Party on a successful election campaign and urged for talks to be held as soon as possible to ensure the building materials supply chain will rise to the challenge of delivering necessary materials and products.

Mr Newcomb also called for Sir Keir’s government to recognise the role, value and importance of merchants in housing the nation.

Reacting to Labour’s win, John Newcomb said: “Sir Keir, Angela Rayner and Rachel Reeves have signalled their desire and determination to be ‘the builders, not the blockers’.

“We welcome the fresh impetus they bring to inject more urgency into building more new homes and to reform the planning system.

“The new Government has a clear idea of what it wants to do and shows a sense of purpose to get on with building a million and a half new homes

“We look forward to their much-anticipated Housing Recovery Plan and hearing what ministers want to do in their first 100 days.”

John Newcomb emphasised the importance of a nationwide programme of home insulation to cut energy bills, upgrade cold homes and reduce carbon emissions, citing the Construction Leadership Council’s 20-year National Retrofit Strategy to improve the thermal and energy performance of existing homes as a blueprint for the future.

He added: “BMF members have a key role to play as they make and deliver the majority of materials and products needed to upgrade properties and improve living standards as we move towards decarbonising homes and electrifying heating.

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“But this can only be achieved with unrelenting efforts by government and industry, working together in partnership, to complete the necessary improvements that many households urgently need.

“We stand ready to help ministers with this vital work and look forward to our first meeting with Angela Rayner and Matthew Pennycook to Get Britain Building Again.”

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