UK homeowners being turned off solar panels because they are ‘too ugly’, survey reveals

BRITS are turning their backs on having eco-friendly solar panels installed on their homes because they are deemed too ugly, research has revealed.

The devices, which convert sunlight into electricity, are playing a major part in the UK’s bid to reduce its carbon emissions.

But new research commissioned by has found some UK homeowners would turn their nose up at solar energy even if it was free, due to aesthetics.

Some 21 percent of homeowners said they would reject the offer of free solar grants being installed at their properties, and of those respondents, 35 percent said the reason was because they are ugly.

Ryan Harrison from said: “Solar panels are becoming an increasingly common sight on homes across the country, and there’s no doubt they will become more and more popular in the future.

“It’s a clean and green renewable energy source that will help us reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and help the UK’s bid to reach net zero carbon emissions.

“However, it’s clear that large sections of the population remain to be convinced on whether it’s worthwhile or not having them installed.

“Our research shows just a fifth of homeowners would accept the offer of free solar panel installation, while a quarter are undecided.

“And the reasons for refusal range from being deemed unsightly or ugly to being suspicious of anything that is offered at zero cost.” is a leading energy expert service helping people discover government-backed grants they can apply for to cut the cost of making their home more energy efficient.

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These include the ECO4 Scheme, which started last year, that provides insulation, air source heat pump systems and the installation of solar panels for renewable energy.

The company teamed up with firm OnePoll to quiz 1,000 UK homeowners on issues ranging from attitudes towards renewable energy sources to experiences with rising bills.

Some 54 percent of respondents said they would accept the offer of having solar panels installed for free.

Of those, 90 percent said it is because it would reduce the cost of their energy bills, while 72 percent said it’s because they are good for the environment.

Furthermore, 44 percent of homeowners said they would welcome free solar panels because it would increase the value of their homes.

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