Conveyancing Foundation Announced That They Have Raised Enough Funds For a Specially Adapted Bicycle

Conveyancing Foundation Announced That They Have Raised Enough Funds For a Specially Adapted Bicycle

The Conveyancing Foundation, which is a charity that has been set up by Convey Law has announced that they have managed to raise enough funds that would give an 11 year old a specially adapted bicycle. The law firm that is based in Newport has fundraised in order to buy an adapted recumbent bicycle for Evan Hale.

Evan Hale is an 11 year old who suffers with cerebral palsy, which is a condition which has an impact on his balance and mobility. Whereas Evans two brothers ride their bikes at every possible opportunity, due to his condition Evan is unable to do this and has been unable to play out with his brothers.

Convey Law’s Legal Director, Gareth Richards has a daughter, Ellie, who is a school friend of Evan’s. An idea was put forward to try and raise money to go towards a bike for Evan. The different fundraising possibilities were looked into in order to help Evan get an adapted bike. As part of these discussions the charitable work carried out by Convey Law was considered. Evan’s mother, Rachel, alongside the charity team at Convey Law then got into a discussion of how fundraising could get Evan his dreamed for bike.

The main barrier that has stopped Evan from receiving a bike in the pars was the £3,000 price tag. Convey Law is a company that carries out conveyancing transactions for clients across England and Wales and manages to raise money through the Conveyancing Foundation Free Legal Fee Competition, which allows clients to be a part of a monthly draw that could see them receive £500 towards their legal fees. The foundation has managed to raise around £450,000 in the past several years.

Convey Law managed to present Evan with his new bike last month and has acted as more than a toy as Evan now has a new level of independence that he has not experience before. Evan now also has the opportunity to ride off and play with his brothers instead of being left behind.


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