BrickVest Conducted Their Latest Investment Barometer of Commercial Property

BrickVest Conducted Their Latest Investment Barometer of Commercial Property

BrickVest have conducted their latest investment barometer of commercial property which shows that the UK is still the preferred location for investment. BrickVest conducts their barometer quarterly; for this survey, 3,000 of BrickVest’s international professional real estate investors.

The UK has seen a slight drop in popularity since Brexit, but still remains a preferred location for commercial real estate investment. The research was carried out in March this year, and 30% of the 3,000 investors asked said that the UK is their preferred location. This is a reduction of 1% in comparison to last year.

The survey from BrickVest found that the 25% of the respondents favoured Germany as an investment location. This figure has stayed at the same level as last year, whereas the US has seen a decrease in their popularity, with only 18% of respondents favouring the country in comparison to 21% last year. France saw an increase in popularity, with 18% of the investors selecting the country which is an increase of 4% on last year’s Barometer.

Looking more closely at the data, the BrickVest Barometer shows that French and German investors tend to be less favourable towards the UK for investments since last year. 19% of French and German investors said that they preferred the UK for investments this year, which is down from 24% and 22% last year. The US investors preference of the UK also fell by 1%, and now stands at 22%.

The BrickVest Barometer has also shown that the appetite for risk amongst its investors in the US remains related to growth, as is does in the UK with just more than half of investors expressing this opinion. This means that the risk appetite is quite balanced, with only a slight lean toward riskier practices.

The figures from the BrickVest Barometer shows that despite Brexit, the UK is still doing quite well in the commercial investment market.


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