One Way Following a Government Report into the Housing Market

One Way Following a Government Report into the Housing Market

Analysis has been released by One Way following a government report into the Housing Market. The Government’s ‘Fixing Our Broken Housing Market’ report looks into the ways in which the development and sale of new hoses could be made faster and more efficient. One Way, the construction and rail recruitment specialists have analysed the Government report in order to highlight the top five areas in the UK that would be looking for sales and marketing specialists in order to improve the sale of new build properties in the area.

It is thought that at the moment more semi-detached houses have been registered that at any other point in history since records first began in 1986. With the development of new houses increasing in order to try and meet the housing demand, more and more developments are being planned and carried out. However, despite the demand for housing, there is still a need for individuals who work in sales and marketing in order to increase the awareness about the new developments and ultimately get the new properties sold.

The areas that have been emphasised by One Way as in need of sales and marketing specialists are Bedfordshire, Inverness and the Highlands, Cornwall, Hampshire and Birmingham.

The Bedfordshire area has been highlighted by One Way as an area that would benefit from sales and marketing specialists because of the plans to build up to 18,000 homes in the area. Four completely new villages have been planned to the east of Biggleswade as well as a new settlement new Tempsford amongst other planned developments.

In Inverness and the Highlands funding has been given through the Highland Infrastructure Fund in order to create around £10 million of affordable housing. The Highland Infrastructure Fund has been set up in order to assist with the creation of housing across the Highlands. In this area there is plans to create up to 2,050 new homes.

Cornwall will be the location for one of the largest single property developments, creating over 27,000 new homes. Hampshire also has a number of property developments underway or about to be approved that could require the knowledge of sales and marketing professionals. Finally Birmingham has the upcoming Soho Loop project as well as a number of other property developments that could be supported by more sales and marketing specialists.


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