New Planning Guidance for Music Venues New Planning Guidance for Music Venues

New Planning Guidance for Music Venues

The Scottish Government has published new planning guidance that accounts developers of new residential buildings near music venues responsible for taking appropriate measures to ensure local people are not disturbed by the noise. According to the housing minister Kevin Stewart, this change will be included in the new version of the National Planning Framework.

Mr Kevin Stewart met representative from the music industry, including the Music Venue Trust and venue owners before coming up with this decision. “The Scottish Government recognises the significant cultural and economic contribution of our music industry. It is only right we do what we can to protect the established and emerging musical talent and that is why we are embedding the Agent of Change principle in our planning guidance. I have asked the Chief Planner to write to all planning authorities asking them to act now,” he said.

He thinks that music venues should not have to deal with this problem. Instead, developers should be responsible for identifying and solving any issues related to noise. They should be capable of giving residents high quality homes, while allowing the music venues to continue to operate.

“Ministers have listened to the case and taken on board the fact that grassroots music venues need protection and recognition for their contribution to our towns and cities. This is an important issue and will certainly help venues, but it is not the only challenge they face. We look forward to working further with Scottish Government to ensure the long-term sustainability of venues across Scotland,” said Beverley Whitrick, strategic director at the Music Venue Trust.

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The next National Planning Framework’s development and consultation will start this year, and it is expected to be adopted in 2020. All planning authorities should receive a Chief Planner letter that highlights existing guidance on noise issues and helps them reflect on the Agent of Change principle.

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