IDI Gazeley Releases Impressive Lease Figures

IDI Gazeley Releases Impressive Lease Figures

An investment and development firm specializing in the leasing of storage space for different companies and enterprises has released impressive figures on the amount of space it has leased out all over the European continent. This company, known as IDI Gazeley, revealed that they have rented to companies a grand total of 4.1 million square feet of storage space in Europe and this is a testament to their commitment to growth and investment on the continent.  Of course, it is also indicative that Europe in 2016 was and still is as yet a popular place for warehouse installation facilities and storage space, due primarily to its good infrastructure and logistical capacities as well as the huge amount of investment that goes into the continent every year from major and minor enterprises from all over the world looking to increase their profits in the European markets.

All of this despite the fact that the continent was shocked by an unexpected result on the EU British referendum, but companies such as IDI Gazeley are still confident that the amount of demand and popularity of storage space will continue to remain despite this result. With over 3 million square feet of brand new warehouse and storage development plans put in place across Europe by IDI Gazeley, the company’s CEO for Europe, Pat McGillycuddy, comments on the business’ revelations at the end of 2016. Mister McGillycully is very pleased that 2016 was such a lucrative and busy year for IDI Gazeley and is confident that the company’s commitment to promoting good customer service relations also played a large part in securing such a large and appreciative client base.

The development enterprise’s plans to add a further 3 million square feet to its European warehouse system is something which McGillycully very much looks forward to developing and hopes are high that IDI Gazeley will continue to prosper as the year progresses.


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