Fox Marble is Receiving Orders That Are Amounting to Thousands

Fox Marble is Receiving Orders That Are Amounting to Thousands

An AIM (Alternative Investment Market) known as Fox Marble is absolutely delighted to have just announced that it has just been able to reveal that it is receiving orders amounting to 300,000 Euros from areas in Great Britain as well as Australia. This is incredibly good news for the company, which also touches base in and around the Balkans and has a nucleus of activity in England itself. Having been founded since 2011, Fox Marble has material revenue of top notch marble material that amounts to over a billion tons worth. The latest results of its revenue during the year is a fantastic sign for the company and, as its Chief Executive Officer Chris Gilbert explains, Fox Marble is clearly one of the most popular and sought after materials for marble developments all across the continents of the globe.

Such areas the annual report by Fox Marble has highlighted includes various initiatives such as the fantastic Caudwell Collection in Mayfair in the center of London. In that particular section, the materials known as Illyric White as well as Selene Grigio were showcased as the ones used for the entire indoor area open to the public. For such a fantastic setting for Fox Marble’s materials to be showcased, this is an excellent achievement for the marble material conglomerate to achieve. In addition to this, what will soon become the most high-valued property in the whole of Australia is commanding the company’s marble products for implementation into the lucky rich household. This occurred back in December only a month ago and is a sure sign that wherever the wealth is where the Fox Marble is, which is good no doubt for Fox Marble.

In addition to this, a property in the wealthy area of West London also commissioned some Fox Marble: with the value of this property amounting to a staggering 40 million pounds, this is yet another declaration of the marble’s popularity with the wealthiest sectors in the world.


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