Screach Will Allow Marston’s Punters to Watch TV
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Screach Will Allow Marston’s Punters to Watch TV

Local drinkers at Marston’s rejoice! You are not being forgotten by the technological revolution! For this very week, Marston’s has dedicated itself to setting up a new contractual alliance with Screach, the well-known broadcasting corporation. The 106 Marston’s pub venues scattered across the country have already benefitted from the implementation of over 550 new TV screens from Screach TV.

This brilliantly smart form of technology that Screach TV allow is the fact that essentially pub landlords and event managers ensuring the smooth running of the night will actually be able to change channels and have a better control of what the pub televisions actually show on the screen. So when the impending results of a football match lead to tension and uncivil unrest in the room, why not quench the wrath of the locals with some pre-recorded shows of “Rick and Morty”? Or for that matter pretty much anything else that would tickle the manager’s fancy. Through this improved amount of flexibility, it is clear that Screach TV is the way to go to ensure that television viewing in pubs is the best experience possible for those that go to pubs…to watch television. Indeed, Screach TV are revealing an impressive amount of popularity, and have recently been awarded to funds of 1.13 million pounds and the amount of people subscribing towards their services in venues has doubled within the last year.

With already their unique services being deployed on over 3,500 TV screens in well over 1,500 pubs and going-out venues all over the country, it is clear that more and more leisure businesses around the United Kingdom will be drawn towards the services that Screach TV provide. And with pubs and bars all over the land using their services having reported rises in revenue sometimes totaling up to 53 per cent, is it possible that Screach televisual systems are to be the future cash cows of the pubs and clubs of the 21st Century? Will they one day reduce the pool cue and the fruit machine, or nay nay the local brew itself? Only time will tell.

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