Spatial design on the rise: Over 10k rooms scanned in 2023 to generate true-to-scale 3D models

Amrax reports 2700 customers joined its B2B ecosystem in 2023 as businesses embrace spatial design to make their buildings more efficient 

Salzburg, Austria; 16 January 2024Amrax, a 3D modelling and spatial data capture company, has revealed that over 10,000 rooms have been scanned with the Metaroom app since the app’s launch in June 2023. 

Over 7,300 users, including key players in the lighting, wireless planning and AEC industries, have registered through the Metaroom app and joined the Amrax B2B ecosystem dedicated to spatial design and 3D modelling. Notable new additions to the customer base include Siemens, Tulux, LTS and Voglauer. 

The Metaroom app is an advanced 3D scanning app, driven by the power of AI, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) technologies. The tool enables professionals in spatial planning industries to envision and redefine spaces. 

Through the Metaroom app users can scan rooms using an iPhone Pro or iPad Pro*. These scans are then uploaded to the cloud, generating true-to-scale 3D models within seconds. Users can then use the web application, Metaroom Studio, to enrich these 3D models with additional information, ensuring project-specific customisation and precision.

The news follows the closing of a successful Pre-Series A financing round in October 2023. The funding round will enable Amrax to continue investing in its team in 2024 and developing its platform and wider product offering. 

The past year has also seen Amrax establish fruitful partnerships and integrations with Relux Informatik AG (software integration for lighting industry), Autodesk Inc. (spatial design integration for AEC industries) and Siemens among others. 

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Martin Huber, CEO of Amrax, said: “As we step into 2024, these accomplishments fuel our determination to push boundaries, innovate relentlessly, and continue shaping the future of spatial planning. We thank our incredible team, partners and customers for being a part of the Metaroom journey.”

*The Metaroom App is currently compatible with all LiDAR enabled Apple devices (iPhone Pro 12 or higher or iPad Pro from 2020 or later).

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