£15,000 Sale for Former Railway Track Marred by Japanese Knotweed Alert

A segment of an old railway track, priced at £15,000, is up for sale, with a cautionary note for potential buyers about the presence of Japanese knotweed.

This piece of land, known as the ‘Wortley Curve’, covers an area of more than 3.1 acres.

Previously, it served as a railway line until it was discontinued 39 years ago.

The track used to link the Wakefield-Leeds and Bradford-Leeds lines in North Yorkshire and ceased operations in 1985.

Characterized by its irregular shape, the land is densely populated with trees.

Remnants of the unused railway track still lie within the property.

Located adjacent to Wortley Recreation Ground in Leeds, the land is set to be auctioned by Pugh Auctions and is scheduled to go under the hammer on January 30th.

The official listing describes the land as: “An irregularly shaped land parcel, spanning roughly 3.1 acres, primarily consisting of a former railway line. The site is heavily wooded and retains sections of the old railway track, presenting potential for diverse future applications, subject to requisite permissions.”

However, the listing also warns: “It is understood that the site is afflicted with Japanese knotweed along with remnants of the railway. Visitors are advised to exercise caution during site inspections, which are conducted at their own risk.”

Japanese knotweed is notorious for its rapid growth and the challenges it presents in eradication.

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