Britains Many Garden Farmers 1 Britain’s Many Garden Farmers Britains Many Garden Farmers 1 Britain’s Many Garden Farmers

Britain’s Many Garden Farmers

Liverpool has been revealed as the UK’s most green-fingered city, with a large majority of residents claiming they grow their own fruit and vegetables in their garden.

New research carried out by rattan garden furniture specialists, Rattan Direct, has found that over half of the UK already grows fresh produce in their garden. Looking at the findings from a regional perspective, the data revealed Liverpool to be top of the list of garden farmers (66%), closely followed by Nottingham (65%), Norwich (63%), and Edinburgh (62%).

Analysing the research from an age-related angle, the survey shows that it’s the over 55’s who have taken to the craze most, with 60% saying they grow at home. Of those, 13% also have a greenhouse for this purpose. The over 55’s may be the most green-fingered, but the younger generation isn’t far behind. Over half (51%) of 18-24 year olds have already started planting their own fruit and vegetables.

Robert Fernandez, a spokesperson for Rattan Direct, says: “The UK has really taken to the craze of growing their own fruit and vegetables. It’s a tradition that we’ve lost over the years, with fresh produce being so readily available. But as they say; nothing tastes better than something you’ve grown yourself. As for the younger generations, it’s great to see young people taking an interest in gardening. It’s a rewarding hobby that’s lots of fun, too.”


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