£59,000 Basement Makeover: The Ultimate Man Cave with Poker, Fog Machine, and Theatre

A TikTok sensation has emerged, showcasing an extraordinary ‘man cave’ transformation in a basement, featuring a television, several PCs, and a vast gaming zone.

Hussain embarked on revamping his basement after growing tired of its previous style, aspiring to craft a vibrant bachelor haven. He equipped the space with fog machines, a poker table, and a golf mat.

His transformation journey, shared on TikTok (@gamesroomtheater), swiftly amassed over 8.4 million views.

Speaking to NeedToKnow.co.uk, Hussain, a tech professional from Toronto, Canada, shared, “There are TVs, projectors, PCs, and more – everything necessary for the ultimate gaming room.”

“It can comfortably accommodate 20 people; the most I’ve hosted is 60. First-time guests often find it awe-inspiring, and I still get that feeling too, even living here. They’re typically overwhelmed with a sensory overload, happy to just sit and soak in the atmosphere.”

The viral video begins by panning across a landing area, then descends stairs to unveil the basement ‘man cave’.

Inside, the room is filled with a pool table, ping-pong table, six substantial gaming chairs, and two large screens.

Another staircase leads to a private theatre, complete with a vast cinema screen and red leather seats.

Hussain has invested $100,000 (about £59,200) in this 1,750 square foot haven and has plans for further enhancements.

He added, “Running costs are low, thanks to smart switches and sensors that turn everything off if there’s no motion for 30 minutes. There are over 100 connected devices, all automated for ease. I’ve reached the space limit, but I plan to make room for new additions like a racing rig soon.”

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The clip has garnered over 766,300 likes and 5,000 comments from admirers.

Reactions include acclaim like “Okay, this is rad,” and playful requests like “Please adopt me and my son.” Others expressed admiration for Hussain’s world, impressive internet setup, and hinted at his apparent love for Formula 1, with one user exclaiming, “DAMN! What a dream.”

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