Scottish Government Working Group Developed to Help Electricians

Scottish Government Working Group Developed to Help Electricians

An influential working group has been formed in Scotland in order to explore the use of ‘Protection of Title’ for the benefit of professional electricians in order to create an inhospitable environment for a number of untrained traders posing as qualified tradesmen. The creation of this new group is the most recent development of a concentrated campaign that has been put forward by SELECT, which is the trade body for the electrotechnical trade in Scotland.

The SELECT campaign asks the Scottish Government to accept and create legislation for the fact that electricians undergo an extensive and intensive amount of training in order to earn such a title. The amount of training expected in order to qualify as an electrician is akin to what is required for a number of other professional qualifications, and their skills should be protected.

The SNP MSP for Midlothian and Musselburgh has again expressed his support for the registration of electricians and also worked to press the Government in November about the membership of the group and its remit. Keith Brown, the Cabinet Secretary for the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work has said, as a part of a written answer that this new influential working group has been established in order to explore how best to respond to the challenge that is posed when ensuring the safety of electrical installations in Scotland.

The SELECT Managing Director, Newell McGuinness has said that this recently formed working group is focused on three outcomes. These outcomes are the protection of consumers; protecting properly qualified electricians and creating an inhospitable environment for rogue traders. According to Government statistics, 69% of all of the accidental fires that take place in Scottish homes are caused by electricity and the threat of unqualified workers pose a distinct and continuous threat to the safety of Scottish homes.


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