Praise for Government Announcement Covering Housing Benefits Cap

Praise for Government Announcement Covering Housing Benefits Cap

It was announced by Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday the 31st October that the housing benefits cap should not apply to those that are living in extra care housing, or supported living. It is thought that this new announcement will help to boost confidence in the supported living and extra care housing schemes.

The increase in confidence that has come from the recent government announcement will hopefully help to boost the levels of housing being created in order to reduce the demand for new housing schemes. The demand for these schemes is currently at its highest level for more than two years.

The news that the housing benefits cap will not have an impact on those who are living in extra care housing or supported living has been warmly welcomed by developers and registered providers as well as care providers. It is thought that this decision made by the Prime Minister will help to encourage more investors into the marketplace and should also lead to the creation of more bespoke housing that is built for people who are living with disabilities and the elderly, offering them homes and accommodation that are fit for purpose and comfortable.

The Development Director for Alastair Sheehan, the specialist supported living developer for HBV has said that the company will be working to renew their efforts to secure sites and deliver extra care schemes that will complement the company’s supported pipeline for vulnerable adults across the UK.

HBV is known for being the leading provider of bespoke property for the specialist supported housing market in the UK. The company will be working alongside Morgan Sindall Investments Limited in a joint venture in order to create innovative and pioneering developments that offer independent living as well as delivering accommodation that is suitable for the tens of thousands of vulnerable adults that are living in inappropriate, badly serviced or poor quality accommodation.


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