‘Renovation Triumph: Couple Rescues and Revitalises a 30-Year Abandoned Mansion, Boosting Its Value by $745,000’

A duo has spectacularly transformed a long-abandoned mansion into a stunning, contemporary residence, increasing its worth by £588,100 ($745,000).

Abby Brothers, 33, and her spouse Trey, 35, acquired the neglected estate in June 2018. They discovered it online, where it had been languishing, untouched for over three decades.

The property, constructed in 1913, was bought for a modest £122,399 ($155,000). The couple was well aware that they were embarking on an extensive renovation journey.

Their renovation adventure, shared on Instagram (@turningthepagemansion), has captivated over 26,000 viewers.

“When we first visited, we instantly felt it was meant to be ours, despite its forlorn and shabby state,” shared Abby, a registered nurse, in an interview with http://NeedToKnow.co.uk.

Despite warnings about the magnitude of work needed for such a large property, they proceeded.

The home, located in Aberdeen, North Carolina, spans 6,000 sq ft. This colonial revival brick mansion features six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a spacious foyer with an impressive staircase, a kitchen leading into the dining room, a study, a living room, and a vast attic.

“Our goal was to transform it back into a family home, respecting its original purpose,” Abby said.

The renovation required updating every aspect of the house, from the plumbing and electrical systems to windows and walls, all dating back to 1913. They installed central air conditioning, essential for the hot North Carolina summers, replacing the old radiator heating system.

“The property had been deserted for over 30 years, suffering from significant water damage, especially in the dining room where the floor had collapsed,” Abby recounted.

The couple began by replacing all windows and repairing multiple sections of the exterior brick.

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“We were hands-on throughout the project,” Abby explained. “Trey refinished the terrazzo floors in the bathrooms and crafted concrete countertops for the kitchen/pantry. We laid the tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms ourselves and handled all interior painting. We even transformed a storage space into a cosy sleeping porch, complete with a lounge and mini-fridge.”

The renovation was completed in nine months, just in time for the arrival of their son Wim in December 2020. The project, largely DIY, cost £211,800 ($268,494).

This effort significantly raised the mansion’s value, now estimated at £710,100 ($900,000).

“Our home is priceless to us. Despite its imperfections, we cherish how far it has come. It’s unique, strong, yet simple and cosy,” Abby expressed.

The couple encourages others to take on similar projects and confesses their continued interest in restoring old homes.

They are now celebrating their first Christmas as a family of four, including their seven-month-old daughter Eloise, with festive decorations adorning their lovingly restored home.

Their Instagram transformation story has garnered over 1,700 likes and numerous admiring comments.


  • Masonry: $5,000 (£3,900)
  • Siding: $3,600 (£2,800)
  • Roof: $27,900 (£22,000)
  • Windows: $22,800 (£18,000)
  • Partition Wall: $24,100 (£19,000)
  • Plaster/Drywall: $32,000 (£25,200)
  • Wood Trim: $2,500 (£1,900)
  • Wood Floors: $28,200 (£22,200)
  • Plumbing: $26,600 (£20,900)
  • Electrical: $30,000 (£23,600)
  • Heating: $44,800 (£35,300)
  • Insulation: $13,000 (£10,200)
  • Cleanup: $10,700 (£8,400)
  • Miscellaneous: $2,000 (£1,500)
  • Total: $268,400 (£211,800)

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