Actility at Enlit Europe 2023

Actility is thrilled to be part of Enlit Europe 2023, a significant energy sector event focused on fostering a decarbonized and digitized energy system. This event gathers influential figures dedicated to clean, affordable, and reliable energy, making it an ideal networking and knowledge-sharing platform.

At the LoRa Alliance booth, Actility will showcase its groundbreaking solutions, including the ThingPark IoT Platform, a leading technology for smart utility management using LoRaWAN. This platform is instrumental in enhancing the sustainability and customer experiences in energy, gas, and water management. Additionally, Actility will present Abeeway devices, featuring innovations like Relay and BLE beacons for asset tracking and safety.

Live demos at our booth will highlight the transformative impact of IoT and LoRaWAN technologies on utilities:

  • Extending LoRaWAN Coverage with Relays: Learn how we expand IoT connectivity in challenging environments using ThingPark and Abeeway devices as relays.
  • DLMS/COSEM over LoRaWAN with SCHC IP Compression: Experience the benefits of IP-based smart metering with SCHC optimization, offering effective data compression and fragmentation.
  • Firmware Update over LoRaWAN (FUOTA): Witness the efficient, secure, and reliable delivery of firmware updates to multiple devices using ThingPark FUOTA Server.

Join us at Enlit Europe 2023 to explore these innovations and engage with industry leaders in advancing the energy transition. Book a meeting with us ➡️

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