The Pinnacle of Luxury: Own the Hamptons’ Most Lavish Mansion, Complete with Dual Residences, a Sunken Tennis Court, and Ocean Views

Acquire the pinnacle of luxury in the Hamptons, the iconic La Dune estate, prominently featured in Woody Allen’s 1978 film, Interiors, starring Diane Keaton, Kristin Griffith, and Richard Jordan.

This opulent seaside retreat, making a prominent appearance in the acclaimed American drama, is once again available for purchase, as per Top Ten Real Estate’s recent report.

Comprising two magnificent residences, La Dune had previously been listed at a staggering $150 million (£117 million), claiming the title of the Hamptons’ priciest mansion.

Erected in 1892, the primary structure spans 11,000 sq ft over four floors.

This 10-bedroom marvel is renowned for its grand reception area, multiple terraces, and expansive windows that bathe the interior in natural sunlight.

It includes a gym and fitness area, alongside a tranquil sauna, for wellness and relaxation.

The secondary residence, erected in 2001, encompasses 10,000 sq ft of oceanfront elegance.

Echoing the grandeur of the main house, it features rich, dark wooden flooring, pristine white walls, elegant French doors, and intricate coffered ceilings.

Beyond the gym and sauna, this house also houses a bespoke Altos movie theatre and a sophisticated billiards room.

Set on four acres, the estate includes two luxurious gunite pools, a professional-grade sunken tennis court, expansive courtyards, and secluded gardens, ideal for relaxation or hosting grand events.

Positioned just minutes from Southampton Beach, La Dune boasts breathtaking views of the Rosa Rugosa dunes and offers unparalleled access to the ocean and pristine beaches.

La Dune is now poised for auction by Concierge Auctions, with bidding commencing on January 10.

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