Five places to hide Christmas presents this year

Festive Brits are being told of the best places around the home to hide Christmas presents.

Interior experts at have shared five hiding spots that children are unlikely to look in.

As Christmas approaches, many parents will be wrapping up gifts for their little ones but hiding gifts around the home can be difficult with many children on the hunt for their presents throughout the festive season.

Making use of loft space and empty suitcases are just some of the places kids will be unlikely to look in.

Common hiding spots like under the bed and in the wardrobe should be avoided at all costs.

Nic Shacklock from Online-Bedrooms said: “It’s that time of year again where we’ll all be searching for places around the home to hide presents that we’ve bought for our children.

“It’s no secret that kids go looking for their gifts so it’s important to find a secure hiding place to prevent them from finding their presents and ruining the Christmas surprise.

“Make sure the presents are hidden in places around the home your children wouldn’t go and avoid common hiding spots like under the bed or the bottom of the wardrobe.

“Make use of any suitcases you have lying around and pop the presents in there, you can always use the lock for extra security too.

“The loft is another great hiding spot especially if it’s difficult for your children to access it without your help.”

Five places to hide presents this Christmas:

  1. Suitcases

It’s unlikely that your kids will go searching through suitcases to find their presents so why not make use of them if they’re taking up space. For extra security pop a lock on there and hide the key!

  1. A neighbours house
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Perhaps you have trustworthy neighbours without kids or they’ve now grown up and moved out, if so kindly ask if you can store the odd gift in their garage or spare room.

  1. The garage or shed

If your children don’t have access to your garage or shed then it can make for a great spot to hide presents.

  1. The loft

Although it may be a bit more hassle, the loft is one place you can be sure your kids won’t get to without you. This is a great hiding spot for bigger toys and gifts such as bikes and doll houses.

  1. With the bedding

If you store all of your bed sheets in one cupboard or drawer, it could be the perfect hiding spot as kids wouldn’t think to look there. Bury the presents among the sheets to make them harder to find.

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