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Cheapest Cities In UK To Be A Student

Student Savvy: Study Unveils the UK’s Most Wallet-Friendly Cities

With living expenses climbing, university students are struggling to make ends meet. Luckily, there are still many cities in the UK that offer relatively affordable places to pursue scholarships without breaking the bank. 

Adela Belin from Writers Per Hour, discusses the significant disparity in prices between the cheapest and most expensive cities in the UK.

Cheapest Cities Ranked

RankCityAccommodation (£)Beer (£)Meal (£)Transport (£)Utilities (£)
2Bangor (Wales)5002.2113125
3Bangor (N. Ireland)4504113250

Exploring Affordable Options

In comparison to other cities in the UK, Leeds emerges as the most budget-friendly option for students, primarily due to its notably affordable accommodation costs. While factors influencing the overall cost of living in Leeds are largely similar to those in other major UK cities, it excels in providing students with the most economical housing options. On average, students in Leeds pay just £213.25 per month for accommodation, a rate nearly 10 times lower than that in London.

This affordability stems from various factors, including a diverse range of housing options catering to different budgets, from university halls to shared flats and purpose-built student accommodations. Unlike London, where the cost of living can be prohibitively high for many students, Leeds strikes a balance between affordability and quality of life. 

In the second least expensive city, Bangor, in Wales, rent already doubles from Leeds at £500. However, students may be happy paying much less for pints, as it is home to the second cheapest beer in the country at  £2.20.

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The Northern Irish city of Bangor is third cheapest, and while most monthly expenses are fairly low compared to other cities, Bangor residents have reported fairly high utilities cost at £250 per month. 

Most Expensive Cities Ranked

RankCityAccommodation (£)Beer (£)Meal (£)Transport (£)Utilities (£)
3Milton Keynes1,450.004.5152.9238.5
5Brighton & Hove1,331.256152.7244.57

Navigating Costly Territories

London reigns as the priciest city in the UK for students, with staggering rent costs reaching an average of £2,138.54 per month. This astronomical figure towers over the rent prices in Leeds by nearly tenfold. Moreover, the cost of living, including expenses on food and drinks, is substantially higher in London compared to most other cities across the nation.

Oxford, renowned for its prestigious universities, secures the second spot on the list of the most expensive student cities. Although not as steep as London, the average monthly rent in Oxford stands at £1,466.67, posing a significant financial challenge for students.

Milton Keynes follows closely behind, claiming the third spot in terms of student living expenses. Similar to Oxford, the average monthly rent in Milton Keynes amounts to £1,450.00, further burdening students’ budgets. However, one silver lining for students in Milton Keynes is the relatively lower cost of beverages, with savings of nearly two pounds per pint compared to their peers in London.

Paving the Way for Student Well-being

In summary, while the costliest cities may entice with their prestige and opportunities, the affordability of cities like Leeds provides students with a sanctuary where they can pursue their educational aspirations without the burden of financial strain. Adela states, ‘By prioritising affordability and accessibility, these cities pave the way for a brighter future where every student can thrive.’

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This analysis underscores the importance of considering various factors when evaluating the affordability of cities for students. Whether it’s the cost of accommodation, utilities, transportation, or everyday expenses, a comprehensive understanding of these dynamics is essential for students navigating their educational journey.

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