Make your bathroom feel like a luxury hotel

Bathroom experts at advise adding plants, scents and matching accessories in order to achieve a high end look.

Giving your bathroom a luxury hotel feel can be easily achieved with a few added accessories.

Incorporating lighting, scents and greenery are just some of the quick ways to elevate the bathroom in time for any Christmas guests.

Andy Ellis, bathroom expert at SteamShowerStore said: “Many of us will have friends and family staying over at some point throughout the holiday season so why not impress them with a luxurious bathroom.

“It doesn’t matter what the size of your bathroom is or how it’s decorated – adding a rosemary and eucalyptus reed diffuser, some candles and a plant can instantly elevate the space.

“Quality towels are really important too, ideally you want three of these – a bath towel, hand towel and face towel. They’re usually made from cotton but any material will do as long as it’s thick and fluffy.”

Seven ways to make your bathroom feel like a luxury hotel:

  1. Quality towels

The key to a bathroom with a luxurious feel is quality towels. Make sure your guest bathroom has a bath towel, face towel and a hand towel. Place the hand and bath towel on a rail or radiator with the face towel by the sink. High quality towels will be made out of cotton.

  1. Accessories

Instead of having a disposable bottle of soap on your sink, transfer the contents into a sleek and stylish pump. These often come with other matching accessories like a toothbrush holder, tissue box and counter top tray. Add at least three of these to the bathroom for a cohesive look.

  1. Fragrances
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Make use of all of the senses by incorporating some luxurious scents into the bathroom. For a high end feel opt for scents like rosemary and eucalyptus, lavender and cotton. Incorporate these through reed sticks and diffusers

  1. Mini shower products

Buy some mini shower products for your guests – small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion look great lined up near the bath.

  1. Lighting

A luxury bathroom should have warm lighting to create the perfect ambience. If possible, swap any bright white lights for a warmer tone and opt for LED bulbs. If you can’t change your lighting you can always add a remote controlled LED strip underneath your cabinets for that hotel feel.

  1. Candle

Add a scented candle to the countertop in the bathroom. Even if your guest doesn’t light it, it’s a great added accessory.

  1. Plants and greenery

Add a splash of colour into the bathroom by incorporating plants and flowers. Depending on the size of your space you might only opt for one. Make sure you pick plants that can withstand heat and humidity.

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