Abode Sink & Tap Style Predictions for 2024

Abode, award-winning designer and distributor of market leading kitchen taps & sinks, instant 3 IN 1 and 4 IN 1 hot water taps, bathroom taps & showering solutions take great inspiration from the latest lifestyle trends to offer its predictions on the most in-demand sink and tap styles for 2024.

Paul Illingworth, Design Manager, Abode explains,“Already set to be a strong year for kitchens, product design will undergo an increased level of refinement in 2024 as the wet zone expands its role in the home and essential sinks and taps not only serve the indoor kitchen but also utility rooms, laundry spaces, and more recently the home bar and games room. Collectively, the kitchen living space is going to be led by two major style trends in 2024 with the first being New Nordic, which offers a contemporary blend of minimalist design and high functionality, and the second, using Natural Materials in all aspects of interior design.”

NATURAL MATERIALS: The wet zone is the latest area in the home satisfying the markets ongoing affinity for nature and given the number of options available, the kitchen has become a playground for greener design thinking with a strong focus on naturally occurring materials like bamboo, beech and natural stone…

TAPS: 2024 will focus on material and finish, with the quiet luxury trend helping to influence the rise in using natural materials in interior design. Warm neutral hues will therefore come into their own next year with light-stained oak, honed limestone, painted steel, and vegan leather being harnessed to elevate both the look and feel homeowners can achieve. In fact, the concept of softness will be inherent next year with multi-layered schemes introducing new levels of tone and texture and when it comes to kitchen tap design, then hero details will include real wood lever handles and control knobs being for personifying nature in the home.

SINKS: As eco-living hits new heights in the wet zone, the kitchen sink is set to be reimagined in a range of different formats, tones, textures, and recycled materials next year. Combining high fashion colours with tried and tested design elements like stainless steel, wood and granite will be hugely significant for keeping the kitchen living space current and uniquely tailored to greener living in 2024. Recyclable and reusable, we anticipate that granite will be considered the natural material of choice next year as most UK homeowners are forced to weigh up cost versus product longevity to reflect the cost-of-living. Bringing added durability and design kudos, granite sinks are available in a range of shapes and sizes with the latest trend colours favouring matt white in more Scandi-style décors, and metallic blacks and greys in combination schemes that fuse industrial style with the calm and simplicity of nature.

NEW NORDIC: The popular Scandi-style interior will evolve next year, as homeowners continue to enjoy the simple, yet stylish characteristics associated with Nordic inspired kitchen design. Extreme matt painted finishes in complementary shades of white, grey and black will top the style charts and lean into the growing desire for kitchen sinks and taps that bring subtle texture met with high utility…

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TAPS: Synonymous with the popular trend for Scandinavian-style interiors, minimalist kitchen taps with well-defined profiles and contemporary colourways will hit big next year and continue to reinvent this enduring style trend in the UK home. Redefined as New Nordic in 2024, this style of home décor is taking a softer approach to Scandi design to become more homely with authentic design details that promote quality workmanship such as tactile wooden handles or built-in features that promote greater efficiency and user performance. When capturing the Nordic colour palette, think soft and muted with shades of grey, white and blue. Thankfully you can now pair your taps with a Scandi-rich scheme as the market now offers a series of premium mixer taps and instant hot water taps with natural wood features in matt white, contemporary grey and minimalist black, so you can match the wet zone to your home’s architecture and interior style!

SINKS: Nordic-inspired design is all about delivering new levels of beauty and functionality and given today’s fluid lifestyles, 2024 will place new emphasis on safety, comfort, ease of use, performance, and aesthetics in the kitchen and wet zone. For this reason, workflow dynamics at the sink and prep area will focus on functional flexibility next year to welcome a series of utility style sink solutions with complementary accessories that not only increase efficiency in the kitchen but also, maximise the available work surface so tasks can be carried out more quickly and efficiently. Providing a customisable user experience in terms of essential food prep, cooking and dishwashing, seamless modular style sinks are helping to capture the New Nordic trend in the 2024 by adapting to any style and size of kitchen. When it comes to material choice then stainless steel continues to be the naturally strong and hygienic choice however, this is shortly followed by granite, which next year has been identified as the go-to material for delivering on front-end design and high functionality… two key features of the Nordic-inspired home!

Dan Biddle, Product Manager at Abode adds, “Traditional finishing touches continue to hold their own in both the modern and classic kitchen space, and 2024 predicts a growing demand for high quality brassware in a range of premium finishes. Key elements in raw brass and bronze will be the go-to for adding warmth and a touch of character and next year, new innovations will allow homeowners to pair these warm finishes across both sink and tap for the ultimate design statement. Providing end users with even more freedom of choice when coordinating metallics throughout the kitchen living space, foundational hardware like the sinks and taps can be paired with handles and lighting fixtures for either a seamless or multi-layered effect. Different knurling techniques will be big for introducing texture, with straight and diamond knurled spout collars and lever handles offering a modern take on new traditional, industrial-style kitchen interiors.”

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