LRG’s Carbon Neutrality Achievement and Negotiator Gold Award Win

Leaders Romans Group (LRG), one of the UK’s largest property services groups, proudly announces its significant environmental achievement of reaching carbon neutrality in 2022, eight years ahead of its original target of 2030. This milestone is a testament to LRG’s commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

The 2022 Carbon Footprint Report reveals that LRG’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions totalled 4744 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e). However, when accounting for green electricity, these emissions dropped to 4064 tCO2e, significantly reducing LRG’s environmental impact​​. The company’s approach to calculating carbon emissions aligns with the ISO 14064 standard, ensuring international recognition and credibility​​. The overall emissions saw a 1% decrease compared to 2021, underscoring the effectiveness of LRG’s environmental strategies​​.

The achievement of carbon neutrality in 2022 is a result of a series of targeted strategies and initiatives that collectively reduced and offset their carbon emissions.

Energy Efficiency Enhancements: LRG undertook significant efforts to improve energy efficiency across its operations. Despite a 13% increase in electricity consumption, overall emissions were reduced by 1%, indicating effective energy management practices​​. LRG has completed a number of branch re-fits this year, all to their new sustainable office principles.

Green Electricity Adoption: A key factor in reducing LRG’s carbon footprint was the transition to green electricity. By incorporating renewable energy sources, LRG was able to significantly lower its ‘market-based’ emissions to 4064 tCO2e​​.

Environmental Management Action Plan: LRG implemented an Environmental Management Action Plan, a proactive approach to identify and target significant emission reduction opportunities. This plan was a cornerstone in understanding and managing their carbon emissions effectively​​.


Sustainable Partnerships and Initiatives: An instrumental partnership with Green the UK planting over 28,000 trees sequestering at least 35 tonnes of carbon annually, contributed significantly to balancing LRG’s carbon emissions​​.

Restoration and Conservation Projects: Support for various environmental restoration projects. These included restoring wildflower meadows, aiding native oyster population recovery in The Solent, and supporting kelp restoration along the Sussex coastline. Such initiatives offset carbon emissions and enhance biodiversity and ecosystem health​​.

Investment in Carbon Credits: LRG balanced its remaining emissions by investing in carbon credits. This process involved purchasing and retiring carbon credits equivalent to their emissions, thereby achieving a state of carbon neutrality​​.

Community engagement: Supporting charities such as Cash 4 Kids, The Trussell Trust, and participating in local events to raise funds and awareness for disadvantaged children across the UK​​. This holistic approach to sustainability encompasses both environmental stewardship and community well-being, recognising the interdependence of these aspects in creating thriving neighbourhoods​​.

This comprehensive approach, combining direct emission reductions with strategic offsetting initiatives, exemplifies LRG’s dedication to environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility, leading to their remarkable achievement of carbon neutrality eight years ahead of schedule.

David Wilson, Chief Operating Officer at LRG said “LRG’s unwavering dedication to sustainable practices and community involvement has been recognised with the Negotiator Gold Award for Sustainable Agency of the Year. This accolade highlights LRG’s leadership in the property industry, setting new standards for environmental responsibility and community engagement.”

“LRG’s journey to carbon neutrality is an ongoing process, with a commitment to continuous improvement and setting new environmental goals. The company plans to keep enhancing its branches and operations in line with sustainable principles, ensuring a lasting positive impact on the environment and communities they serve​​​​.”

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“LRG is proud to be at the forefront of sustainability in the property industry, demonstrating that environmental responsibility and business success can go hand in hand.”

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