Rotherham Magistrates Court Building Has Been Transferred

Rotherham Magistrates Court Building Has Been Transferred

The former Rotherham Magistrates Court building has been transferred from Her Majesty’s Court & Tribunal Service to Rotherham Council. The council has taken ownership of the building officially as the continue with their plans to regenerate Rotherham town centre.

The Homes and Community Agency are dealing with the Old Magistrates building on behalf of Her Majesty’s Court & Tribunal Service. It was announced that the tribunal service would be willing to transfer the ownership of the building for a £1 consideration to Rotherham Council. This deal was agreed on the basis that the transfer took place by 31st March.

The old court building is located in an area that is important for the council’s development plans. The Forge Island area of the town centre is said to be a key location for the redevelopment. It has been noted that several different developers will be have shown interest in Forge Island, and the council’s purchase of the old court building will help advance their plans for the area.

Forge Island is a location in the centre of Rotherham. The island is a 4.2-acre site that is located between the River Don and the South Yorkshire Navigation Canal. It is thought that the land was initially named after the Walker brothers leased the island as part of the construction of a forge that was powered by water.

The agreement to purchase the old Rotherham Magistrates Court comes after the purchase of Forge Island from Tesco. The old Tesco building in this area is currently being demolished as part of the regeneration plans for Rotherham Town Centre.

It is thought that detailed plans for the development of this area alongside the town centre are in the process of being prepared. An initial draft of plans for the area are expected to be published at some point this month.


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