Property Agency in London Revealed Their Planing of a Expansion

Property Agency in London Revealed Their Planing of a Expansion

An exclusive property agency located in london has revealed that they are working to restructure their management team in order to prepare for expansion. GN2 the Property business has announced that in order to be ready for the implementation of growth plans. The company is carrying out these restructuring plans now in order to try and make the most of the upturn that is taking place in the market by expanding.

The company was first founded in 2012 and since then it has been seen as a specialist within the London property market. The business has managed to create a strong international reach, supposedly through their boutique way of working. GN2 also offers advice to occupiers and investors in the property market. GN2 has developed the reputation of being able to predict the way the property market will go. Therefore the business’ plans to expand could suggest that the property market is continuing to improve.

At the moment, GN2 is being run by Charles Godfrey, Julie Rees and Paul Aubery, the company’s three equity partners. Because the market has seen two years of decline, the company is looking to prepare for the recovery in activity. GN2 are seeing this as the opportune time to expand in order to boost their growth. The company is planning on expanding all aspects of the business including their investment, agency, professional and corporate advisory offerings.

As GN2 is quite well known for advising overseas clients as well as UK investors, there are a number of companies who are investing into offshore funds in order to make the most of the attractive market in London as well as the favourable exchange at the minute for overseas investors because of the weak pound. As part of their advisory sector, GN2 have been working with a number of different landlords and occupiers in particular as part of the medical sector. Involved in this work was the letting of 66 Wigmore Street, and because of this transaction the company has received new appointments from medical companies wanting advice while looking into new West End space.


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