Deep Soil Mixing Ltd Carried Out Work For Kier Living

Deep Soil Mixing Ltd Carried Out Work For Kier Living

Deep Soil Mixing Ltd has carried out work for Kier Living, the contractor for a project in the West Midlands. The site at Harrowby Road in Bilston has been attended by Deep Soil Mixing Ltd who has been working with the contractors and Patrick Parsons Ltd, the consulting engineers for the project. The work that took place as a part of this project has won the Environmental and Sustainability Award as a part of the Institute of Highways Engineers Mercia Branch Awards.

The Award for the work that has been carried out in Harrowby was given to the consulting engineers Patrick Parsons Ltd. The company works as engineering consultants that have knowledge of a wide variety of engineering disciplines. The Environmental and Sustainability Award was given for the deep soil mixing works that were added underneath the adoptable highway at Harrowby Road in Bilston.

The site underwent redevelopment work, with Kier as the contractor in order to create residential properties. The landfilled site mean that the ground below a section of road on the site was low in quality. In this area the CBR values for the ground were measured to be none existent and the local Highways Authority and Severn Trent refused to adopt the roads or sewers. The ground needed to be improved in order to reassure the authorities and reduce the concerns of long settlement. Because of the concerns about the quality of the ground, construction could not continue until the conditions improved.

Columns of secant soil column were installed with a soil mixed slab installed over the columns. Deep Soil Mixing Ltd were contracted by Kier in order to improve the ground enough for the for the construction of the residential properties could go ahead. Kier could start with their initial drainage works on the site just 6 weeks after the work that was carried out by the team from Deep Soil Mixing Ltd. The Soil Mixing company focuses on supplying solutions that are sustainable and environmentally friendly as well as effective. Therefore, the project receiving the Sustainability and Environment Award at the Institute of Highways Engineers Mercia Branch Awards is a credit to all of the companies and teams that worked on this aspect of the development.


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