Debbie White Starts as New Chief Executive at Interserve

Debbie White Starts as New Chief Executive at Interserve

Interserve the multinational support services and construction business has welcomed a new Chief Executive. On September the 1st 2017, Debbie White has started her new job, replacing Adrian Ringrose as the Chief Executive of the UK based company. Interserve operates in a number of different industries, such as construction, facilities management and frontline public services.

The former Chief Executive of Interserve handed in his notice in the middle of November. Adrian has however worked until the 31st of August in order to make sure that the transition of power to Debbie White went smoothly. Adrian Ringrose will be leaving the multi-national company with an exit payment of £325,593, which has been calculated in line with his basic pay until the 7th of March, when Adrian’s notice period ends. Adrian has served more than his nine-month notice in order to make sure that the transition to the new Chief Executive went smoothly.

Debbie White has joined Interserve after previously working at Sodexo., In her previous position at the support service company, Debbie was the CEO of Global Healthcare and Government. Debbie White will no doubt be an asset to Interserve and will bring her expertise and experience to the company in order to help Interserve move forward.

It has also been announced recently that Interserve will no longer be bidding for construction work that is valued above £10 million. This announcement has been made as part of wider plans to focus more on their facilities management, catering and cleaning services. This move will take the focus of the company from their construction and civil engineering divisions. Debbie White will be on hand with her experience at the support service company Sodexo to offer advice and support for Interserve throughout this transitioning period. With the announcements of the new Chief Executive and direction for Interserve, the company will be entering a new phase in their history.


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