Town of Milton Keynes celebrates its 50th Year Existence

Town of Milton Keynes celebrates its 50th Year Existence

The town of Milton Keynes, one of the younger locations in Britain with a history that lasts a grand total of a mere 50 years, has reached its 50th year in existence, allowing us to reflect back on its history and legacy as one of the most sought after locations for development in the country. Having been born in 1967 as a result of a passed parliamentary bill organized by Labour Housing Minister Anthony Greenwood with the help of the great Harold Wilson, Milton Keynes defied all oppositions and expectations to become one of the biggest booming new economies in its incredibly youthful lifetime.

At present the habitation of close to 270, 000 individuals and the location of 11,000 different enterprises, Milton Keynes has established itself against all the odds as a major contributor to the British economy and as a valuable center for business and culture. Built originally on 8,850 HA of disused land, Milton Keynes has swiftly asserted itself as one of the most progressive towns in Great Britain, netting an output of more than 10 billion pounds for the nation in terms of GVA output.

A clearly modern and up-to-date city, Milton Keynes is surrounded by the greenery of the countryside and home to 15 lakes dotted around its location as well as the business sectors that keep its economy going, Milton Keynes is an ideal location for business and enterprise all across the United Kingdom despite the fact that it is only just 50 years old. For a place with supposedly “no history,” that cannot be a bad thing, and Pete Marland of the local council sees the town’s success as a testament to the dedication, enthusiasm and community spirit of the local population in turning Milton Keynes into the area that it is today. Celebrating its birthday in style, a number of festivals, races and parties are what the deserving Milton Keynes population can look forward to over the course of the next few days.


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