Savills Delighted that is Has Gained Some Significant Space

Savills Delighted that is Has Gained Some Significant Space

A company known as Savills Investment Management has delighted itself in recent times by announcing that it has gained some significant space for expansion in the European countries of Germany and Luxemburg. What this indicates is a major investment plan on their part to increase the revenue and profits that they make across the continent. The first major deal that they have recently closed is on the ownership of a building for office space that is located in the Kirchberg area of the small but thriving country of Luxemburg. With the capacity for office use at sizes of 6,400 square meters and with a staff parking area for 134 individual vehicles, the purchased area in Kirchberg is also the base of six other renowned enterprises of which Cisco and TMF are included in that special group.

Bought back in December, it is hoped that Savills’ interaction and proximity to several influential and successful enterprises will help them to invest in greater opportunities and large scale deals in the years to come once they fully settle their staff members into the new area. The second large property investment that they have made is situated in the Bielefeld area of Germany in an industrial park, a specific part of which came under Savills’ ownership even earlier in September 2016. At just over 100 square meters in size, it is clear that the new Bielefeld hub will increase the spreading of their planned portfolios for the years to come.

Furthermore, the fact that other large businesses have invested in property there (such as Edekna and Media Markt) demonstrates that Savills will be surrounded by a large and bustling business center that will undoubtedly stimulate them to greater growth and prosperity. Together, the amounts of money that the gaining of those territories was totaled to an amount of 75 million Euros and this is staggering evidence of the company’s ambitious investment initiative.


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