PwC Surveyed 382 of Their Employees to Look Into Diversity within the Real Estate Industry

PwC Surveyed 382 of Their Employees to Look Into Diversity within the Real Estate Industry

Real Estate Balance alongside PwC has surveyed 382 of their employees to look in to diversity within the real estate industry. The survey was conducted with the intention of addressing gender equality within the industry and has prompted the creation of a 10-part plan for companies to use as a guide to check their progress to more a diverse real estate Industry.

The survey revealed the 80% of women asked believed that addressing gender issues is an important factor to help job satisfaction. However, the survey revealed that less than half of the men asked would agree with this. 35% of the men involved in the research thought that their company dealt extremely well with gender issues. In contrast, 11% of women agreed with this statement. The study also showed that cultural and behavioural change would be put as a top priority when participants were asked for changes that would achieve more of a gender balance.

Further research in to this area has uncovered that a commitment from board level in companies would be the most successful way of increasing the gender balance at a senior level. Limited diversity in the senior levels of the real estate industry can be attributed to a lack of transparency and succession in regards the promotions.

Promoting the idea of a gender balance within a company business plan it the first point of the 10-point plan to aid gender diversity. Other aspects of the plan set out as a result of the survey include focusing on role models for both men and women to aspire to; addressing any reports of gender bias, discrimination and harassment in the correct manner and investigate the results thoroughly. Allowing flexible working for all employees and is removed as being a barrier for promotion as well as opening up events and conferences and ensuring that they are appealing and constructive for both men and women.


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