NatWest Cuts First-Time Buyer Rates NatWest Cuts First-Time Buyer Rates

NatWest Cuts First-Time Buyer Rates

NatWest Intermediary Solutions has cut a number of first-time buyer rates in addition to other fixed rate mortgages.

First-time buyer-only 2-year fixes stand at 2.31% (-0.41%) to 80% loan-to-value, 2.40% (-0.47%) to 85% LTV and 2.83% (-0.14%) to 90% LTV, all with no product fee.

And NatWest’s first-time buyer 5-year fix at 90% LTV has been cut to 3.68% (-0.20%).

The lender is making a final push with its Help to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme products before it expires at the end of the year.

Its 95% LTV 2-year fix has a rate of 3.69% (-0.12%) and its 5-year fix stands at 4.59% (-0.04%), with both products coming with no fee.

Mark Bullard, head of sales, NatWest Intermediary Solutions, said: “The multitude of rate reductions we are introducing, across a broad spectrum of LTVs from 60-95%, reflects our continued appetite to accept high volumes of mortgage applications.

“When you combine these new attractive rates with the robust service we are able to offer, it presents brokers with a pretty compelling set of reasons to recommend NatWest to their customers.”

Other purchase products include a 60% LTV 2-year at 1.75% (-0.79%) with no fee, a 60% LTV 3-year fix at 1.98% (-0.58%) with no fee and a 60% LTV 5-year fix at 1.97% (-0.10%) with a £995 fee.

Remortgage products stand at 1.68% (-0.20%) to 60% LTV with a £995 fee, 1.98% (-0.58%) to 60% LTV with no fee and 1.88% (-0.10%) to 70% LTV with a £995 fee.

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