Hybrid Model of Working for Estate Agents

Hybrid Model of Working for Estate Agents

Estate Agents are no longer restricted to the high street, with more and more companies catering to the digital age and the busy schedules of their clients. This change has led to fewer offices being seen on the high street in favour of a larger online platform with fewer overheads.

Recently opened in Kensal Rise & Queen’s Park, Douglas & Gordon have been exploring the benefits that can be offered by using a ‘hybrid’ office. More traditionally, the business model for an estate agent includes residence on the high street with fixed operating times and an office-based team that work with customers on a face to face basis. Online estate agents do everything digitally, including carrying out a lot of their communication online as well. This communication includes providing clients with pictures and videos of the property as well as booking features for viewings.

The ‘hybrid’ model uses the best parts of these separate models and combines them in order to deliver a more streamlined and efficient solution for their customers. The digital outline offers a more streamlined service, while the face to face component of the traditional model has been retained in order to help building vital relationships with their clients. The Hybrid model sees a smaller team of estate agents working remotely within a certain community, with a head office that offers 24/7 support with inline advice, booking features and more.

The Hybrid style of working for estate agents offers them a larger amount of flexibility. The hybrid model removes the constraints of the Physical high street office and the set operating hours as well as offering more flexible appointment times for viewings and valuations. This model delivers the service required by their clients. The hybrid style of working also delivers constant support with clients able to access information and advice whenever they need it.

Agents working in this style of company needs a wealth of local knowledge in to provide credible and useful information to clients. Working and travelling in the area allows them to directly talk to residents as well as develop a greater understanding of the local community. This way of working means that the estate agents can become more familiar with the area in benefit to their clients.


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