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Hubject’s E-Roaming Network Enriched by ZES and electrip Partnership

In an effort to enhance the global electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape, ZES and electrip, powered by Electrip Global Ltd, have entered into a collaboration with Hubject, the global frontrunner in EV charging networks, aiming to bolster e-roaming services.

ZES, renowned for its innovation in Turkey’s charge point operations, and electrip, making strides in the European CPO arena, have announced a strategic collaboration with Hubject, the authoritative provider of global EV charging networks. This alliance, cemented on 21st March by İ. Sinan Ak, CEO of Electrip Global Ltd, and Christian Hahn, CEO of Hubject, plans to integrate around 4000 ZES stations in Turkey and electrip’s presence in Europe with Hubject’s expansive e-roaming network. The partnership aims to provide a seamless charging experience for EV drivers by linking them with an extensive network of e-mobility service providers across Europe.

İ. Sinan Ak, CEO of Electrip Global Ltd, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership: “We launched ZES in 2018 to support electric vehicle owners in Turkey with our intra and intercity charging stations, and recently introduced “electrip” in Europe to speed up the electric vehicle revolution. As state-of-the-art brands, we are glad to sign this valuable partnership with Hubject. This collaboration will help us to make electric vehicles more accessible and usable throughout Turkey and European countries. This is an essential part of our overall plan to reduce carbon emissions and protect our planet with our contribution to the expansion of e-mobility ecosystem.”

Christian Hahn, CEO of Hubject, also welcomed the alliance: “We’re happy to welcome ZES and electrip into the inter-charge CPO network. This partnership will help them to strengthen their infrastructure in the countries where they operate. It means thousands of EV drivers will be able to easily find and use ZES and electrip charging stations and others that are part of Hubject’s e-roaming network, which in turn is a big step in the right direction of encouraging drivers to switch to electric.”

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This collaboration marks a pivotal development in the global push for a more integrated and accessible EV charging infrastructure, facilitating a smoother journey towards sustainable transportation.

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