Highways England Appoints GRAHAM to carry out work in the North East

Highways England Appoints GRAHAM to carry out work in the North East

The civil engineering division of GRAHAM, has been awarded a contract by Highways England to carry out two major packages of work for the A47, A11, A1 and A12. The improvements on these four major roads forms the £19 million contract issued by the Highways agency.

This contract is amazing news for the developing and constantly expanding civil engineering section of GRAHAM, the provider of a range of value added services tailored for a wide variety of different sectors. This East of England contract is the latest contract to be awarded to the civil engineering division of the company. In order to make sure that the improvements being carried out benefit local and long-distance road users, GRAHAM have already started communications with local stakeholder groups as well as figures in the communities close to where the work is being carried out in order to develop a strong and effective relationship that can be maintained throughout the course of the maintenance work.

The two major work packages that have been awarded to GRAHAM are a part of a collaborative delivery framework, or CDF. These CDFs mean that the projects to be carried out as part of the project have been grouped together dependent on the area of completion. Carrying out the work in this way, alongside the local communication that has been established, allows for effective channels of communication created between the civil engineers and the road users.

In order to carry out the work, GRAHAM has also recruited a large number of people to work on the project, in order to make the most of their local knowledge of the landscape and the roads being worked on. This recruitment is helpful for everyone on the project, from the top to the bottom.

The work being carried out will include a number of vital safety improvements as well as surfacing, structures and technology improvements that will all help to improve the experience of the road user.


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