Helsinki Airport Constructed a Solar Power Plant

Helsinki Airport Constructed a Solar Power Plant

Helsinki Airport has constructed a solar power plant on site in order to help them cut down the level of carbon dioxide emissions created at the airport through day-to-day operating. The operator of Helsinki Airport is Finavia, and the company also operate 21 other airports. Finavia have said that they are planning to alter the program laid out to tackle climate change. The airport operator’s plan is to make sure all of their operations in all of their airports have zero emissions by 2020.

Fol Helsinki Airport, the target to have zero carbon emissions will be met this year, it has been forecast. This is in part due to the large solar power plant that has been created for the airport. The power plant is considered to be the largest airport power plant in the Nordic Countries. Alongside this the airport will be running all of their busses on site with renewable fuels.

There has also recently been news of plans to make 100 airports around Europe carbon neutral. Involved in these plans is Finavia, whose airports are expected to have achieved this milestone ten years earlier. The operator of Helsinki Airport is thought to be a vital component of this initiative and hopefully their ambition to build renewable energy sources in order to develop their airports and make them more sustainable will lay down a path for other airports to follow.

The future of development will be changing more and more in the future, especially with the recently signed Paris Agreement. This momentous agreement signed by the majority of countries around the world will see changes in the development of airports, property and infrastructure in order to make them carbon neutral. This could lead to more and more developments will be adapting Eco-efficient construction certification systems such as the BREEAM.


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