Capita Local Government Representative on New Scheme

Capita Local Government representative on new scheme

Jonathan Prew of Capita Local Government has expressed his opinions on the recent contract that Capita has secured in order to help the EFA in gathering the data of the conditions of 5,500 schools in the UK. Indeed, as he explains, Capita are well experienced in dealing with the demands of the EFA and have successfully completed surveys for them in the past before, as for example in the Yorkshire and Humber region. It is clear that Capita has the experience, the know-how and the credentials to successfully collect data from all over the place to ensuring that the EFA has a better idea of the conditions of schools in the country.

Jonathan Prew highlights the company’s expert use of communication and training that its individuals have which enables them to consistently collect good results and feedback from individuals, so that the EFA can determine the best ways in which to go forward with plans to improve the education systems in this country. Indeed, it is not always evident which schools need the most funding in certain areas. For example, the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames recently saw major refurbishments occurring in one particular school, such as the implementation of better insulation and lighting. Whist Richmond is a wealthy suburb of London in a comfortable middle-class conservative area, it is evident that the funds were needed in order to improve the conditions of one of those particular schools.

Survey taking and data collection skills are therefore an essential necessity for the EFA so that it can actually determine which schools need improvements regardless of whereabouts they are situated, since areas in England are so socially divisive (with rich and poor living in close proximity to each other) that it is often hard to generalize what the area will be like until one actually inspects it in real terms, which is what Capita to their credit will be doing over the course of the next three years.


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