Biodomes Find Geodesic Resolutions to Earthquakes

Biodomes Find Geodesic Resolutions to Earthquakes

Perhaps one of the greater problems facing the United Kingdom and parts of the globe in the vicinity of tectonic plates is the impending fear of greater earthquakes in the regions of the world. However, despite these scary dangers an enterprise by the name of Biodomes seems to have found a solution to this dreadful problem that on a bad day can affect millions of people and even entire countries. This particular enterprise has found a valuable way of combating these natural disasters by designing a series of geodesic domes able to battle 8.5 Richter scale storms as well as windstorms with a capacity of travelling at 320 kilometers an hour. This is due to the fact that they have been especially shaped in order to battle the kinds of violent winds, gales and storms that are affecting our country and the rest of the world more than ever at this time.

Indeed, these dome-like habitations have clearly been designed to represent the future of home designs for a sustainable foreseeable future and it is imperative that their example is followed by other companies wanting to thrive and drive greater sustainability into the property and development sector. Each of Biodomes’ twenty-plus different designs has excellent insulation and a vital structure that enables these properties to withstand the violent winds aforementioned. Indeed, the fact that each particular area of the structure is loaded at a maximum weight of 20 tons means that these properties are extremely strong and steadfast: equally, Biodomes’ combination of triangular and spherical shapes in the designs of these homes enables the energy levels of winds and gales to be spread all over the structure, meaning that the force of impact is lessened and distributed across the property itself.

Through this, they are able to stand huge forces of energy at any given time and it is a testament to Biodomes’ hard work and commitment to innovation that these kinds of dome-like designs are being implemented and put into use by other property and development companies from all over the globe.


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