Project Announced That They Will See the First New Performance Building in Edinburgh

Project Announced That They Will See the First New Performance Building in Edinburgh

A project has been announced that will see the first new performance building in Edinburgh for 100 years. IMPACT Scotland has been set up in order to raise funds for the new performance venue. The charitable Trust has been working to promote the project in order to raise the £45 million needed for the space. The project is gaining some momentum, with an architect-led design team being appointed. The construction project will see the designing of a 1,000-seat auditorium and is expected to rival the best in Europe in terms of acoustics and experience for the audience.

The contract for this project has been given to David Chipperfield Architects. The international and award winning team that will be working on the project are responsible for the design of the Neues Museum restoration in Berlin. The company is also currently working on a transformation project at the Royal Academy London. David Chipperfield Architects were chosen for the auditorium project in Edinburgh after competition that was comprehensive and was conducted under European Procurement rules. Designs that have been commissioned in the past include the BBC Scotland HQ which is located at the Pacific Quay in Glasgow as well as the Hepworth Gallery, which is in Wakefield.

The new auditorium is expected to be built in the heart of the city and will be completed to the highest of standards. It is hoped that the Edinburgh auditorium will be the location for a wide variety of musical performances. The auditorium will be able to welcome chamber groups, soloists and choirs as well as dance ensembles and it is thought that the design of the building will reflect this varied and versatile space. The new world class auditorium will be built immediately behind Dundas House at 36 St Andrew Square in Edinburgh.

The council is thought to be working alongside a mixture of their partners in the city in order to make sure that the new performance place is completed in the best way possible. Those partners include IMPACT Scotland and both the UK and Scottish Governments. Edinburgh is also celebrating 70 years since the creation of the Edinburgh Festivals so hopefully a Deal regarding this new performance space will be finalised soon.


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