Loft-style kitchen in new Just Grey & Dark Split Oak by Rotpunkt Loft-style kitchen in new Just Grey & Dark Split Oak by Rotpunkt

Loft-style kitchen in new Just Grey & Dark Split Oak by Rotpunkt

Rotpunkt, award winning designer and leading manufacturer of climate friendly German Kitchen furniture take an urban approach to loft-style living with a twin-island kitchen in two new finishes:

Dark Split Oak: high-quality wood effect melamine door with synchronous pore and fine wood grain

HPL XT Just Grey: extreme-matt light grey finish and 1 of 14 shades of grey by Rotpunkt

Designed to offer the same character as living room furniture, the combination of light grey and dark wood helps to create a social kitchen space where two block island units are bonded by a contemporary timber bar top for the ultimate in bar-height dining. The extra tall, double-stacked wall units house a set of double ovens in black, which help to emphasise the matt black sink and tap, pendant lighting, bar stools and wall of accessories.  

Matt Phillips, Head of UK Operations at Rotpunkt says, “From old factories and city apartments to period townhouses and new builds, open plan living has prompted a new wave of loft-style furniture where a free layout with open floor plan, high ceilings and a sensitive approach to the internal walls are fundamental. Creating a unified space to cook, dine, work and socialise in, loft-style kitchen design will require a mix of well-considered space planning, furniture selection and a sensitivity to materials and colour. Our new Just Grey door colour when combined with our latest wood décor, Dark Split Oak is a great example of how you can show restraint without losing any design impact and given how natural wood cabinets are trending strong, it makes sense to pair them with evergreen shades like grey and black.”


The pictured twin-island, loft style kitchen concept features the following new products by Rotpunkt:

Just Grey: This new colour is 1 of 14 shades of grey by Rotpunkt, and it works harmoniously with timber finishes like the pictured wood panelling and extra-tall double stacked wall cabinets. Seen upon a twin-island design, Just Grey creates a social yet contained cook zone and wash area complete with breakfast bar, flush-mounted hob, single bowl sink and quad style kitchen mixer. 

Dark Split Oak: A high-quality wood effect melamine door, Dark Split Oak presents a new rich timber finish with synchronous pores and fine wood grain. Distinct by design, the new oak-effect furniture is seen across a run of extra tall 2340mm wall units, made by taller by double-stacking top units in the same finish to echo the Dark Split Oak wall panelling. Other new wood effects include Natural Split Oak, a mid-tone wood finish and its lightest shade, Old Split Oak.

XTend Island: Shown here in a dynamic twin-island kitchen concept, each island unit is part of the XTend range by Rotpunkt, offering a range of different heights to better suit the individual. This island arrangement features the extra-tall 910mm furniture, which increases the elevation by an extra 130mm to provide a more comfortable working height and up to 16% more cupboard space when compared to standard base units.

Wall-panel System: Seen here in the new Dark Split Oak with complementary Matt Black accessories, this wall-panel system includes the new glassware holders, industrial hooks, two slimline storage caddies, plus three 2mm metal shelves, a tablet holder, and side-facing wooden knife block. Each accessory is designed to clip straight on to the panels for endless customisation, even the shelves can slide left and right. Panels are 19mm thick with 390mm space between the rails, so you can ensure this design feature blends in with standard door sizes. It also means you can apply a single full height panel or personalised arrangement made-up of multiple panels to better suit the space and individual needs.

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Climate friendly: All Rotpunkt furniture is designed and created under the company’s new ‘Together to zero’ climate strategy to reduce carbon emissions at every stage of manufacture. The new Just Grey and Dark Split Oak furniture is crafted from Greenline BioBoard Gen2, the sustainable, green and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chipboards, which consists of up to 90% recycled wood without sacrificing on quality.

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