Getting your Crew OnBoard With The Construction Project Management Software


Getting your team to agree with the new Construction Project Management Software that you will choose may be a tricky task. It has been scientifically proven that people are resistant to change and changes that affect the company may send them the wrong signal – why is the company buying this solution? Does this affect my job? Will I be able to keep my work or will I be replaced by a machine? In order to make things smooth, you need to get your Team on board with having this new solution and make them understand this will make their life easier.

Here are some tips & tricks on how you can get them to agree to the Construction Project Management Software that you wish to choose.

Get your Team involved from Day 1

In your decision process, you must involve the people that will use this app on a daily basis. They know what they need and what form the information should take. Having them in agreement will help you get the solution quicker adopted by them. Find out what they want and need and if the Construction Project Management Software can deliver that! 

Benefits should be explained to everyone

Your team will more likely adopt the Construction Project Management Software that they understand. If they can see the benefits coming from using the tool, they’ll be more eager to work on its implementation. Explain to your team that the software is only a tool that exists to enhance their work and not stand in your employees’ way. 

Communication is the Mother of prevention

During the Implementation Process, the team needs to be aware of what is happening, what are the next steps, what is the expected result. Knowing these things will make them feel safe and at peace with implementing a new Construction Project Management Software. 

Training is essential for your Team

When looking into the right Construction Project Management Software/Solution for your company, make sure you think of all the stages: Implementation as well as the Post-Implementation process. How much time can the company that offers you the solution give you, to make sure you make the best out of the new tool? What type of training options do they offer? Will there be a Knowledge Database where your people can go and ask for solutions? What are the options (after Implementation) of your team to reach Help Desk for the product just bought? 

Constant Feedback is necessary

Your team is key in the overall success of the project, so once you launch the Project Management solution in your company, make sure you get feedback on a regular basis from your employees! Having constant feedback, without any judgment or barriers is key in developing your company and developing your team’s productivity as well. Hearing their feedback = acknowledging your team and their input. They will feel important and heard! 

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