Unique Six-Bedroom Property with Equestrian Twist Hits the Market

A sprawling six-bedroom house set on 24 acres of land is now available for sale, featuring an intriguing twist – one of the downstairs game rooms is packed with equestrian elements, including life-size horse models attached to a carriage. The property, seeking offers starting from £999,750, presents a distinctive blend of living spaces and equestrian features.

The peculiar arrangement in the game room showcases two life-size horse models alongside a carriage, creating a unique visual impact. The equestrian theme extends to the kitchen, where miniature horse figurines grace the top of the fridge, complemented by a framed horse and carriage painting. Framed photographs and winning badges adorn the kitchen walls, contributing to the thematic ambiance.

In the dining room, a framed painting of a horse takes pride of place on the wall, accompanied by carefully arranged ornaments. The home continues to celebrate equine interests with horse paintings showcased at the top of the stairway. The attic bedroom is adorned with horse-riding wallpaper, providing a whimsical touch to the space.

The property also boasts well-positioned stables outside, making it an ideal choice for equestrian enthusiasts. In addition to the distinctive equestrian elements, the detached home offers a study room, utility room, and a grand reception hall featuring a fireplace. The family-oriented property provides a total of six bedrooms and five reception rooms, offering ample space for various activities and lifestyles.

Situated in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, the property is listed by estate agent Bill McKelvey. The listing highlights the property’s attributes, describing it as an “impressive family home on a mature site set in 24 acres of quality agricultural land.” The property’s equestrian focus is emphasized with its setup as a stud farm, complete with excellent equestrian facilities.


Moreover, the listing humorously acknowledges the uniqueness of the games room, stating that it is indeed spacious enough for “two horses and a carriage.” With its expansive land and carefully curated equestrian touches, this property offers a distinctive living experience just a short 30-minute drive from the capital city of Belfast.