Monthly Rent of £1,250 for Studio Flat in Former Timber Garage Sparks Outrage

A studio flat with a monthly rental price of £1,250, situated in a converted timber garage, has drawn significant criticism. The steep rental price does not cover utility bills, which are estimated to be an additional £250 per month for water, electricity, and council tax.

This distinctive dwelling retains the original garage doors and offers a side entry. Although it benefits from a few small windows and additional skylights to brighten the interior, its layout and facilities have raised eyebrows. Located in the upscale area of Cookham, near Maidenhead in Berkshire, the flat comprises a modest living space, devoid of furnishings. Cookham is known for its celebrity residents, including TV personalities Ulrika Johnson and Chris Barrie.

The compact kitchenette is equipped with limited countertop area, and while lacking a refrigerator, it does include a washing machine, oven, and cooking hobs. Tenants are expected to use a ladder to access the sleeping area, which is cramped and features a sloping ceiling that restricts standing room. Additionally, there is a separate small bathroom equipped with a shower.

The property listing suggests it is best suited for a single occupant and offers two parking spaces. Marketed on OpenRent and featured on Rightmove, the advertisement describes the property as a “Quirky, recently renovated studio, with lovely high ceilings, ideal for a single occupant, including two off-street parking spaces and access to the garden.”

However, the property has not been well-received by all potential renters. One individual named Ernest highlighted the rental cost as a primary concern. Others described the offering as “Dystopian,” and Rachel commented that it could “trigger off a mental breakdown.”

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