Innovative ‘Escape Pod’ as an Alternative to Conventional Flats for £22,800

Feeling overwhelmed by the daunting property market?

Consider a novel living solution: your very own “escape pod.”

This compact spherical dwelling is a creation of Deltamodul, a company known for its unique property designs including houseboats, bunkers, container houses, and sauna cabins.

Some models, like the pod, are pre-built and available immediately, while others are made to order.

The escape pod, a mere 8.55 square meters in size, features a single door, two windows, and is constructed from western red cedar for a rustic, natural look.

Inside, there’s just enough space to accommodate living, dining, and sleeping areas. The interior includes a bench that spans the pod’s circumference.

The sleeping arrangement is ingeniously designed, transforming the benches and coffee table into a comfortable bed.

Additionally, the pod is equipped with a small wood burner and a central coffee table.

However, potential buyers should note the absence of a bathroom and kitchen, which might make the pod more suitable as a retreat space rather than a full-time residence.

On the positive side, the pod boasts ample hidden storage, underfloor heating, insulation, and electrical sockets.

For dining, the options of takeaways or enjoying outdoor BBQs are always available.

Interested parties can acquire the pod for £22,800, VAT excluded, via Delta Modul.

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