UK Homeowners Leaning Towards Brexit

UK Homeowners Leaning Towards Brexit

It is less than 24 hours until polls open for the EU referendum – and a new survey suggests that Leave is in the lead.

A poll of more than 2,800 homeowners, conducted by (PPA), gave Leave a significant lead, with 49.1% of people who intend to vote choosing to exit the EU, compared to 41.5% for Remain.

Crucially, with the undecided voters holding the balance of power, the PPA poll revealed that 9.4% of respondents remained ‘unsure’ how they would vote.

Various polls suggest the decision over Britain’s future inside or outside Europe will go to the wire. But with the sense of gathering momentum for the Leave campaign, as illustrated by the PPA poll, bookies are now shortening the betting odds on Leave in the EU referendum.

While some forecasters warn that house prices could fall sharply if Britain exits the EU, most homeowners believe that house prices will stay broadly stable regardless of whether the country opts to remain or leave.

Some 42.2% of people surveyed expect home prices to remain unchanged in the near term even if the UK votes to leave the EU, while 29.7% expect to see property prices fall in the event of a Brexit.

Just one in 20 (5.3%) believe that house prices will rise if Britain is no longer part of the EU after the vote.

But intriguingly, four-fifths (79.4%) said that that their voting decision would not be affected by how the referendum may impact on residential property prices.

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UK Homeowners Leaning Towards Brexit

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