Tips for moving overseas

Tips for moving overseas

People who wish to move out of or into the UK need to decide fast because once the UK leaves the EU the rules might change and the logistics of relocating overseas might become much more complex. In the second quarter of 2017, 49,000 British and EU Nationals moved out of the UK, while 60,000 British and EU Nationals moved back, according to recent ONS data.

Moving houses within your home country is already stressful enough, but the costs and logistics of moving overseas make this process even more challenging. That’s why Buzzmove, the home moving and home insurance tech firm, has put together the most important three questions people should ask their removal firm before moving abroad.

  1.       Is the firm insured for moves in your chosen country?

Make sure you always check your chosen firm’s insurance to avoid being out of pocket if something goes wrong on the road because Goods in Transit insurance will not necessarily cover your belongings once they leave home shores.

  1.       Is the firm familiar with the area, or at least the country, to which you are moving?

Some local removal companies only occasionally carry out international moves, whereas others do so regularly. The company may work alone or have a network of partner companies overseas which handle the move at the destination. Either way, local knowledge is key to the smooth running of any European relocation.

  1.     Does the firm know the local traffic and parking restrictions at both your current and future home?

A firm that already knows of any access restrictions, parking laws or permit requirements will ensure the move runs far more smoothly and without the risk of any fines.

“There is so much to organise and plan when making any move, let alone moving to another country. Choosing a removal firm is not a point on your checklist to rush through.  Asking the right questions at the outset can help avoid a great deal of unnecessary stress and unexpected cost,” commented Damien Seaman, Head of Brand at Buzzmove.


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