Thousands of Tenants Facing Eviction

Thousands of Tenants Facing Eviction

More than 148,000 renting households in England have been at risk of eviction from their home in the past year, according to fresh data provided by housing charity Shelter, based on analysis of statistics from the Ministry of Justice.

The report found that renters in London, led by areas like Enfield, Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Croydon, generally face the greatest risk of eviction, followed by Luton, Thurrock and Peterborough.

Shelter reports that a growing number of renters are turning to the charity for advice because they are facing eviction.

Additional research from Shelter shows that some 59% of adults aged 18 to 44 in Britain say they will be forced to put their lives on hold because of concerns over housing.

Key findings from the study by YouGov from housing charity Shelter showed that housing problems are a major factor in stalling people’s careers, with 19% saying they had experienced or expected a delay in finding job opportunities. The survey also revealed that millions of younger people already feel retirement is slipping out of reach, with 11% saying they thought it would be delayed because of housing.

Marriage postponement is also now not uncommon because of housing problems, with 16% of people having or planning to put a planned marriage on hold, while 22% of couples are holding off from starting a family.


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